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The PoVE Water Project is one year on it's way, and has thereby reached it's half way point! Reflecting on the past year, four steps can be distinguished partners took to develop the Center of Vocational Excellence Water:

  • Step 1: Mapping the stakeholders: get a clear overview of all stakeholders active in your regional skills ecosystem. 
  • Step 2: Mapping developments and determine your starting position: map the relevant developments for the sector and the position the stakeholders involved in your project towards those developments (by a combination of the PESTLE and SWOT analysis tools). 
  • Step 3: Gain in-depth knowledge: gain a close understanding of the position and needs of each partner in the Center of Vocational Excellence. 
  • Step 4: Develop your why and Business Model Canvas: determine what the added value of the Center of Vocational Excellence will be and for which targets groups. The Business Model Canvas was used as a tool to structure this work. 

Want to know more about this scanning tool and the steps the partners have taken? Check out the PoVE website



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