Online Collaboration Toolkit


Online Collaboration Toolkit

Why this tool?

Working with partners in another city or even country can be made simpler and more efficient with a range of online tools. Sorting through all the options, however, can be exhausting. This toolkit will help you and our partners narrow your choices and get started.

What is the goal?

The Online Collaboration Toolkit will help you identify and start using effective tools for online meetings, file management, presentations, and co-creation. Learn how Katapult partners use these tools in their collaborations.

Who is it for?

The Online Collaboration Toolkit is for public-private partnerships that overcome physical distance by working online. Partnerships that find themselves moving the build of their collaboration and meetings online for time and financial efficiency will find useful tips in this toolkit.

What is it?

The Online Collaboration Toolkit is a PDF document that offers several suggestions for services in the categories of meetings, data storage, brainstorming & collaboration, presentations, and website.

How can Katapult help?

Katapult can share stories about how they have used these tools and connect you with partners who have used the tools.

How do you use it?

Step 1 
Download the Online Collaboration Toolkit PDF file at the bottom of this page and share it with your partners.

Step 2
Research the tools in the category you need
Based on your organization’s needs, select a category to start with. If you’re just getting started, that will probably be meetings. You can find up-to-date comparisons of the tools and their features by searching for comparisons online and narrowing your search to pages published in the past 3 months.

Step 3
Try a tool 
Once you and your partners have identified the tool that has the features you need at a budget that works for you, go ahead and try the tool. Most of the tools have a free version you can use either for a limited time or with fewer features.  We recommend you a tool for 30-90 days and then evaluate.

Step 4
Invest in the tools that work
After you’ve decided on which tool you’d like to use, consider investing in a subscription to use a full-featured version or to expand functionality. When weighing the financial commitment, remember to consider expenses and time that the tools can save you and your partners.


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